Back by popular demand (thanks, Auntie Barb); I’m going to try to catch you all up on my Australian adventures that have ensued since my last post. So, get yourself settled in, maybe grab a bowl of popcorn and a cold beer, and get ready because these next few posts are going to be a […]

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Life on the Gold Coast

Almost a month after publishing my last post, I am thrilled to say that I am finally settled into a job and an apartment in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast! Over the last month I have been busy with work and getting settled into my new place in a new city (and checking out the nightlife…). […]

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Gold Coast & Byron Bay

Gold Coast, Queensland Following our hike up Mount Warning, Erika and I headed back to Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast for the weekend. We dropped off our things and headed to our hostel, which was very close to the beach. We spent the day touring around the city and relaxing as we were both quite […]

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Mount Warning

The last week has been an exciting and eventful adventure as I traveled with my friend Erika, a fellow Canadian. On Wednesday, September 27th, Erika joined me in Brisbane and we planned for the week we were traveling together. We sat in a vegetarian restaurant/café and browsed the hostel booking websites trying to find places […]

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Brisbane (Round 2)

On Saturday, September 16th, I arrived back in Brisbane to spend some time in the larger city before heading down the coast to Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly by my friends from the hostel, and my friend Shona and I walked around the city and caught one another up […]

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K’gari (Fraser Island)

After my kayak down the Noosa Everglades, I went to bed prepared for the next day’s adventure: a 2-day, 1-night adventure on Fraser Island. I booked my tour with Drop Bear Adventures, and would highly recommend them to anyone who plans on going to Fraser Island. That morning, I woke up at 5:30 am so […]

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Noosa Everglades

You know when you have something important that you need to wake up for in the morning, so you set about 20 alarms set at 5-minute intervals to ensure you wake up? That was what I did for Tuesday morning as I had to wake up by 6:30 am to be ready to go when […]

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On Friday, September 8th,  I left Brisbane on a bus to Noosa. Noosa is just north of Brisbane (about 2.5-hour bus ride, 1.5 hour drive), located in the Sunshine Coast. I went to the bus station accompanied by my friend Olaf, who was kind to wait at the station until my bus left for my […]

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